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Can I generate a CAD model from my 3D point cloud?

This is a question we get occasionally, even though generating CAD models is not the principal function or focus of Novacam 3D metrology systems. Novacam systems provide automated non-contact high-precision measurements for industrial applications. To measure, you don’t need a CAD.

The short answer is yes… though not directly. You’ll need to follow a step or two beyond the software supplied with our systems. But we can get you started in this article.

What kind of measurement data do Novacam 3D metrology systems generate?

From each scan, 3 types of data are generated by Novacam non-contact 3D metrology systems. Learn what they are and how they each bring value to our clients’ inspection applications.

Novacam systems in 2 international events this October

Visit either of these shows to see our systems in action.

Yes, we measure 3D geometry and GD&T parameters!

New page presents Novacam’s capabilities in measuring 3D geometry and 3D GD&T parameters.

Automated 3D cylinder bore measurement – new video

Watch how the BoreInspect automatically acquires non-contact, micron-precision 3D measurements of cylinder IDs

Report from Automate 2019 in Chicago

Brief report, including a video of our BoreInspect in action at our booth.

How to measure O-ring grooves, blind-hole corners, and undercuts

Novacam provides a custom solution for measuring extra hard-to-reach spaces inside tubes and bores. These include blind hole corners, undercuts, o-ring grooves (walls and inside corner radii) and more.