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This page is Novacam’s channel for company news, upcoming event announcements, and 3D metrology insights relevant to professionals in charge of high-precision measurements across industries.

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Report from Automate 2019 in Chicago

Brief report, including a video of our BoreInspect in action at our booth.

How to measure O-ring grooves, blind-hole corners, and undercuts

Novacam provides a custom solution for measuring extra hard-to-reach spaces inside tubes and bores. These include blind hole corners, undercuts, o-ring grooves (walls and inside corner radii) and more.

Bore ID straightness from 3 profiles

How to measure axial straightness of bore, tube, or barrel IDs

Many tubes, bores and barrels in high-precision industries must meet strict criteria for straightness. Read about Novacam’s solution for such applications.

No more rubber replicas – automated measurement inside tight spaces

Using rubber or silicone replication for high-resolution measurement is time-consuming, labour intensive, and practical only for inspecting small areas inside hard-to-reach spaces. Novacam BoreInspect and TubeInspect offer a new approach – direct, non-contact 3D measurements right inside such spaces.

Automotive shaft ID chatter

ID and OD chatter measurement: high-precision, non-contact and automated

Chatter is a type of defect that can seriously affect the functionality, efficacy, and longevity of machine parts. Our new application page explains how chatter can be measured automatically on either inside and outside diameters of parts – with high precision and in a non-contact manner.

Rapport du Colloque Aérotechnique 2018