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Novacam systems in 2 international events this October

Visit either of these shows to see our systems in action.

Yes, we measure 3D geometry and GD&T parameters!

New page presents Novacam’s capabilities in measuring 3D geometry and 3D GD&T parameters.

Automated 3D cylinder bore measurement – new video

Watch how the BoreInspect automatically acquires non-contact, micron-precision 3D measurements of cylinder IDs

Report from Automate 2019 in Chicago

Brief report, including a video of our BoreInspect in action at our booth.

How to measure O-ring grooves, blind-hole corners, and undercuts

Novacam provides a custom solution for measuring extra hard-to-reach spaces inside tubes and bores. These include blind hole corners, undercuts, o-ring grooves (walls and inside corner radii) and more.

Bore ID straightness from 3 profiles

How to measure axial straightness of bore, tube, or barrel IDs

Many tubes, bores and barrels in high-precision industries must meet strict criteria for straightness. Read about Novacam’s solution for such applications.

Novacam systems in 2 Japan trade shows this year

Come see Novacam systems in 2 Japan trade shows this year: at OPIE 2019 (April 24-26)  in Yokohama and at MECT 2019 (October 23-26) in Nagoya .

No more rubber replicas – automated measurement inside tight spaces

Using rubber or silicone replication for high-resolution measurement is time-consuming, labour intensive, and practical only for inspecting small areas inside hard-to-reach spaces. Novacam BoreInspect and TubeInspect offer a new approach – direct, non-contact 3D measurements right inside such spaces.