Applications by industry

The list below presents our typical metrology solutions by industry.  Since new applications of low-coherence interferometry are discovered daily, this list is not exhaustive and requires periodic updates. If you do not see your industry or application listed, we encourage you to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular metrology needs.



Bio-medical (see also Medical devices)

  • Tissue thickness and quality inspection
  • Coatings which protect medical tools from corrosion or patients from complications – see thickness measurement


  • 3D inspection of dental implants

Electronics and microelectronics

  • Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) pad surface quality inspection – see how we measure roughness and high-aspect-ratio features (such as CMP surface channels)
  • Thick film photoresist coating on electronic wafers – see thickness measurement
  • Epoxy/mask thickness measurement – see thickness measurement
  • BGA inspection
  • Flatness, coplanarity, and warpage measurement


Fiber optics

  • Industrial optical fiber production and coating thickness inspection  –  see thickness measurement page

Fire arms / Forensic

Glass industry

  • Glass edges
  • Molten glass

Hostile (harsh) environment measurements across industries

Machining (precision machining and mechanics, tool machining)

Medical devices

  • Biopsy needle dimensional inspection
  • Edge inspection on cutting tools – see edge inspection. Downloadable application note: Inspection Edge Breaks / Edge Radius [PDF, 0.7 MB]
  • Medical catheter tubing dimensional inspection – see thickness measurement
  • Epoxy or other medical coating thickness and uniformity – see thickness measurement
  • Stent coating inspection

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)

  • 3D inspection


Military and defence



  • Shape, curvature, and thickness of regular or intraocular contact lenses – see thickness


  • High grade glass thickness
  • Optical component 3D characterization – see thickness and roughness measurement


  • BoPET film – see thickness measurement
  • Multi-layer lid stock: OPET films, adhesive layers, heat-seal films
  • Multi-layer label stock


  • Wafer, cell and panel characterization


  • Multi-layer plastics and films – see thickness measurement
  • Rheometry measurements

Printed circuit boards

  • Layout and connection inspection



  • Semiconductor coating – see thickness measurement


  • Characterization of high grade polymer tubing – see thickness measurement



  • Weld inspection
  • Weld gap inspection

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