Barrel ID & OD measurement and 3D inspection

Including rifling, lands, grooves, flank angles, chambers, cross holes. Same instruments measures mandrels, reamers, and drills.

Industry: Defense, barrel manufacturers

Novacam 3D metrology systems for barrel inspection offer:

  • Non-contact measurements of barrel bores with IDs from 4 to 155 mm
  • Measurement of 3D geometry (rifling lands, grooves, twist rate, bore roundness, taper, straightness, runout, ID/OD concentricity, …)
  • Defect inspection and measurement
  • Roughness measurement
  • Micron precision
  • High acquisition speed of up to 100,000 3D point measurements per second

Rifle shooting range

The systems are easy to integrate in automated industrial inspection setups and provide comprehensive 3D measurement data for:

  • Automated user-configurable reports
  • SPC (statistical process control) monitoring of production
  • Gaining manufacture process insight that leads to process improvement

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Download application note “Automated Barrel Inspection and 3D Measurement” [PDF, 16 pages, 2.8 MB] for more details on this application

Contact us to discuss how Novacam 3D metrology systems can be integrated in your barrel production and inspection process.