for high-precision 3D metrology

NOVACAMTM SURFACEINSPECTTM system is a modular, non-contact 3D metrology system that:

  • Acquires micron-resolution measurements of surfaces made of: metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, silicon, polymers, adhesive, composites, liquids, biological tissues, etc.
  • Enables fully configurable automated inspection
  • Supports user-defined specifications for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), roughness, waviness, etc.
  • Supports detection of defects such as burrs, scratches, porosities, etc.
  • Measures thickness of semi-transparent materials, including polymers and biological samples/tissue.

The SURFACEINSPECT system galvo scanner acquires surfaces in a raster fashion. Standard fields of view (FOV) go up to 85 x 85 mm. Larger samples are acquired by displacing the galvo scanner and/or samples using linear stages.

Automated flatness measurement

In this video, the SURFACEINSPECTTMsystem galvo scanner measures a valve body on a linear stage following a user-defined scanning sequence. Both automated reporting and interactive surface investigation are available with this system.

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