dOCTor™ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems

Novacam dOCTor systems offer very high quality non-invasive tissue imaging in 2D and 3D. They are ideal for:

  • In-vivo imaging
  • Small animal imaging
  • Tissue engineering and visualization
  • Developmental biology

dOCTor systems are available in Swept-Source(SS) OCT and Time-Domain (TD) OCT configurations to satisfy different application imaging needs.


Overview of features and benefits


  • Highest quality and in real time
  • 2D cross-sections
  • 3D volumetric imaging
  • Surface profiling
  • Large imaging depth of up to 8 mm


  • High speed: 2 to 100 kHz and higher
  • PC with user-friendly scan control interface
  • In-probe laser pointer for alignment
  • Rotational scanning with pull-back probes available
  • Custom small-diameter endoscopic probes can be designed


  • User friendly PC-based interface helps operator to quickly adjust system parameters according to specific imaging requirements
  • Output exportable to DICOM
  • USB connection for easy data transfer from interferometer to PC or laptop

Application fields


Novacam OCT detector technology is being developed in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, in particular with the NRC Industrial Materials Institute (IMI) and the NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics (IBD).

dOCTor OCT systems can be used for research in:

  • Dental and periodontal applications
  • Dermatology
  • Developmental biology
  • Dopper imaging
  • Ear canal measurements for customization of hearing aids
  • Flow measurement in engineered tissue (Doppler OCT)
  • Guided surgery
  • Molecular imaging protein-based molecular contrast OCT
  • Monitoring the concentration of photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology – retinal imaging
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Small animal imaging
  • Tissue engineering and in bioreactors
  • Visualizing of artificially grown tissues (skin, cornea) and artificial vascular grafts

Gallery – sample images

Studies & publications

Studies & publications

Novacam OCT detector technology is being developed in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, in particular with the NRC Industrial Materials Institute (IMI) and the NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics (IBD).

Novacam OCT systems continue supporting groundbreaking Life Sciences projects at IBD.

Cardiac research

Intravascular OCT on a beating heart model

A beating porcine heart model was prepared to run a series of long-duration coronary OCT scans. Novacam swept-source dOCTor (SS-OCT) system allows for high-speed high-quality imaging of coronary arteries.

OCT probe setup for inspecting coronary arteries in a beating porcine heart model

Dental imaging

Use of OCT for early carie detection

Tooth slice: Optical coherencetomography (OCT) image

Tooth slice: Optical coherence tomography (OCT) image

Tooth slice 2: Optical coherence tomography (OCT) image

More images coming soon – please check back.



System ModelsdOCTor-SSdOCTor-TD
Optical coherence tomographyswept-source (SS) OCTtime-domain (TD) OCT
Light wavelength1310 nm, infrared
Light bandwidth110 nm> 85 nm
Pointer for alignment purposesin-probe red laser @ 650 nm
Instrument safetyclass 1M laser product
< 20 mW of infrared, < 5 mW of in-probe laser pointer
Scanning depth range options6 mm, optional configuration with doubled depth range4 mm8 mm
Acquisition (A-scan) rate16-100 kHz2.10 kHz1.05 kHz
Coherent length12 µm15 µm
Standoff distancedependent on the selected probe

Notes on the system models:

  • dOCTor-SS scans at the fastest acquisition rate, with very high sensitivity
  • dOCTor-TD offers the greatest imaging depth of up to 8 mm and lower entry price
  • Custom solutions and OEM components are also available.

Standard system configuration

A standard configuration of the BoreInspect includes:

  • dOCTor-SS (swept source) detector with 4 mm depth range
  • 1 swept-source laser
  • 2-axes inspection station with manual elevator and 2-axes motion controller
  • 1 standard probe
  • PC with Novacam acquisition software
  • 1 year warranty

Instrument safety

  • dOCTor OCT systems feature an in-probe red laser pointer (650 nm wavelength) for alignment purposes.
  • dOCTor OCT systems are Class 1M Laser products, with < 20 mW of infrared and < 5 mW of in-probe laser pointer.

MicroCam profilometers are Class 1M laser products

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