for high-precision tube ID and OD metrology

NOVACAMTM TUBEINSPECTTM system is a modular, non-contact optical measurement system that provides micron-precision 3D measurements of tube, cylinder or barrel interiors and exteriors. Its small-diameter side-looking probe reaches inside tubes to acquire their complete inside geometry.

  • Can measure every dimensional detail of tube inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD), including undercuts, chamfers, threads, rifling, O-ring grooves, splines, lands, and edge breaks
  • Enables fully configurable automated inspection
  • Can measure dimensional or surface defects such as porosities, cracks, and scratches
  • Can measure dimensions, roughness as well as thickness of semi-transparent coatings.

TUBEINSPECT system in action

In this video, the TUBEINSPECT system probe scans both the inside and the outside of a metal barrel fixed in a spinning chuck.

Note: If the cylinder you need to inspect cannot be spun on a rotational stage as done in this video – no problem – simply check out NOVACAM BOREINSPECT system that features a rotational scanner probe.

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