Novacam metrology videos

The videos below present just a few of the many applications of our technology.  We encourage you to also visit our Youtube channel to view these and additional videos.

Edge scanning

Microcam-3D profilometer with a non-contact fiber-based optical scanner provides micron-precision 3D characterization of tool edges. In this configuration, a drill bit is rotated on a chuck base while the scanner inspects the item top to bottom following a user-defined scanning sequence. Benefits: capability of 3D interactive modelling of the entire inspected tool, option to automate pass-or-fail reports, 100% user-defined measurement parameters, measurements of edge sharpness, edge radius, and more.

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Air foil scanning (aerospace)

Microcam-3D airfoil scanner, a non-contact CMM, delivers micron-precision 3D optical measurements of hard-to-reach places. Benefits: fully automated inspection of component complete geometry, airfoil trailing and leading edge, real-time 3D model, micron-precision defect detection.

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Turbine blade inspection (aerospace)

RS2, a micron-precision non-contact optical scanner probe, enters into the complex geometrical structures of turbine blades to completely acquire their dimensional geometry. Benefits: fully configurable automated scanning sequences, detection of surface or dimensional defects, characterization of EDM slots and airholes (control of fan-out angle, etc.), tolerance analysis, datum alignment capability, and more.

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Valve body scanning (automotive)

RS2, a micron-precision non-contact optical scanner probe, acquires the ID of several bores (inner cylinders) in a valve body as part of a fully-automated digital inspection. Benefits:  3D interactive modelling of valve bores, measurements of distance, position, cylindricity, surface/dimensional defects, roughness, geometric tolerances of internal features, dimensional deviations, and more.

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 3D tube ID scanning

Microcam-3D tube ID scanner, a non-contact optical measurement system, provides micron-precision 3D characterization of tube and bore interiors. Benefits: complete geometry of structures up to 30” long, capability to survey every detail (chamfers, rifling, grooves, lands, edge breaks, etc.), fully configurable automated digital inspection, detection of micron-size dimensional or surface defects (porosities, cracks, scratches), surface roughness acquisition, and more.

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Our list of applications keeps growing. Don’t see your application on the list yet? Need more technical information?