What we measure…and the data we obtain

Types of objects, surfaces and materials

Based on low-coherence interferometry (LCI) technology, NOVACAMTM 3D metrology systems measure a wide range of materials and parts, including industrial components and materials, films and coatings, and biological tissues.

  • industrial materials: plastics, polymers, glass, metals, silicone, adhesives, specular or non-specular, reflective, non reflective, turbid, semi-transparent or transparent
  • material transparency:  For thickness or cross-sectional measurements, the maximum depth of light penetration depends on the material index of refraction. Most materials are somewhat transparent. Thickness of completely non-transparent films can be addressed by combining low-coherence interferometry with LIBS technology.
  • sample sizes: objects from several microns wide.  No upper limit.
  • range of surface shapes: rough, smooth, interiors of bores and small-diameter tubes, exteriors of cylinders, concave or convex spherical shapes, filaments, thin tubing
  • static or moving surfaces: rotating or spinning objects, web inspection, in-tray inspection
  • material states: solid, liquid
  • sample temperature: from cryogenic to very hot

High-precision measurements obtained

NOVACAM LCI-based metrology systems are able to acquire the following measurements, depending on their configuration:

  • 3D surface coordinates: lateral resolution < 5-75 µm, axial resolution < 0.5 µm
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) parameters
  • 3D surface characteristics: including shape, roughness, and volume loss
  • material thickness: thickness of single or multilayer films
  • long profiles
  • index of refraction
  • vibration measurements: vibration frequency and intensity, shaft eccentricity

Note that while the NOVACAM LCI-based metrology systems are able to acquire 3D geometry (GD&T), roughness, thickness, and defects, specific client applications typically require the system to be optimized for one or two of these functions.

Analysis and visualization options

A number of options are available for data analysis and 3D imaging:

  • integrated turnkey data analysis solution with InnovMetric PolyWorks InspectorTM
  • measurements can be output as 3D point cloud, height image, intensity image, or STL file format
  • system output is exportable to turnkey integrated third party CAD packages selected by the client, such as:
    • CAD/CAM software: PolyWorks, Geomagic, SolidWorks, Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER), etc.
    • Imaging, visualization and numerical analysis software: ImageJ, Octave, MatLab, Mathematica, IDL, IGOR Pro
    • Surface and roughness analysis software.
  • exported data can be integrated with data loggers and SPC software.

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