Automated 3d cylinder bore measurement – new video

Published on August 14, 2019

See how Novacam BoreInspect with an 18 mm diameter rotational probe automatically acquires non-contact, micron-precision 3D measurements of cylinder IDs.

Benefits for manufacturers

The BoreInspect with 18 mm diameter rotational probe:

  • Acquires non-contact 3D micron-precision measurements of hard-to-reach ID surfaces such as IDs of engine cylinder bores and actuator bores
  • Acquires 100,000 3D point measurements per second
  • Measures dimensions (GD&T parameters), chatter, roughness, and defects with the same probe
  • Lets users configure scanning pathways through the cylinder – spiral, circular and linear profiles are all possible
  • Generates three formats of output data – 3D point cloud, height map and intensity map, all obtained by the BoreInspect simultaneously – for complete ID measurement and inspection
  • Enables automation and integration with robots

With the shown system, the probe working distance may be set to any diameter within the range of 24 to 110 mm.

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